“Do you see Labour or Talent: Strategies to get the most from a young, aspiring workforce”


Darren Owens Member of the Board, ASPIRE


Daria Stefańska, Manager, Antal International
Jolanta Gantkowska, Operations Director, Global Client Service Centre, Kraków, Alexander Mann Solutions
Marcelo Mendizabal, HR Business Partner, Electrolux
Jamie Lyon, Head of Corporate Sector, ACCA
John Lyons, General Manager, Heineken (TBC)


For the audience to participate in a discussion with a variety of industry experts about the challenges faced by the industry as it deals with the ongoing journey up the ‘value chain’ of service delivery.

What are the drivers leading us into more complex and value-added services?

The success of delivery of more basic services has given a corporate ‘green light’ to expanding the scope of SSC/BPO/ITO in Krakow. Increasing costs and offshore competition are also pushing the industry to fully utilise its highly skilled workforce.

How to staff for these higher value services?

Although a large proportion of the employees in the industry are overqualified for the work they currently do, how do we re-tool them for our new services? Or is the answer to look outside of the typical recruitment profiles and into other industries to find ready-made experts? How do we make our industry attractive for them?

What does this mean for existing employees?

Are there sections of our industry that have gone, or are going – never to return?
What behaviours and attributes should we be encouraging employees to display and develop so they can fulfill their potential?