• Barnes
    Elaine Barnes
    Elaine Barnes Head of element14 Commercial Centre Farnell element14 Europe
  • Burkot
    Wojciech Burkot
    Wojciech Burkot Director Google
  • Golec
    Piotr Golec
    Piotr Golec Operations Manager HireRight
  • Hallam
    Andrew Hallam
    Andrew Hallam General Secretary ASPIRE
  • Jasniach
    Paul Jasniach
    Paul Jasniach Director PwC Shared Services Advisory Centre of Excellence
  • Khan
    Vic Khan
    Vic Khan Director of Global Client Service Centres Alexander Mann Solutions
  • Lewanowicz
    Jan Lewanowicz
    Jan Lewanowicz Deputy Director ASPIRE
  • Lubaczewski
    Roman Lubaczewski
    Roman Lubaczewski Partner, MD Consulting Services, Leader SSC Advisory Group PwC
  • Mazurek
    Paulina Mazurek
    Paulina Mazurek Program Manager Google
  • McCoy
    Eoin McCoy
    Eoin McCoy Member of the Board ASPIRE
  • Newman
    Scott Newman
    Scott Newman Vice President and General Manager State Street Services Poland
  • Owens
    Darren Owens
    Darren Owens Member of the Board ASPIRE
  • Paczek
    Jacek Paczek
    Jacek Paczek Director Herbalife, Finance and Operations Service Centre
  • Tancinco
    Ramón Tancinco
    Ramón Tancinco Head of Strategy and Business Development, CEE Cisco Systems
  • Więcaszek
    Kuba Więcaszek
    Kuba Więcaszek Vice President Genpact Krakow Delivery Center